Nature of Language

Universal grammar theory proposes that humans possess innate faculties related to the acquisition of language. The definition of universal grammar has evolved considerably since first it was postulated and, moreover, since the 1940s, when it became a specific object of modern linguistic research. It is associated with work in generative grammar, and it is based on the idea that certain aspects of syntactic structure are universal. Universal grammar consists of a set of atomic grammatical categories and relations that are the building blocks of the particular grammars of all human languages, over which syntactic structures and constraints on those structures are defined.


Robert F. Barsky

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General English

  • Grammar: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Vocabulary: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Skills: Listening | Reading | Writing | Speaking
  • Funglish: Movie | Travel | Art
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Occupational English

  • Business English: upper-intermediate | Advanced
  • Medical English: upper-intermediate | Advanced
  • English for Law: upper-intermediate | Advanced
  • Engineer’s English: upper-intermediate | Advanced
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Academic English

  • Formal education: Colledge | Highschool 2 | HS 1
  • Internal Exams: MSRT | TOLIMO | MSCH | PhD
  • International Exams: IELTS | TOEFL | GRE | PTE
  • Entrance Exams: Sarasari | Master’s | PhD

Table of Content

  • General English page 11

    Increase knowledge & skills

    Grammar, Vocabulary, and Language Skills

  • Occupational English page 41

    English for different job categories

    Medical, Technical, Legal, and Business

  • Academic English page 71

    English for Academic purposes

    High school and College Official courses

Preparation for Standard Exams

  • page 724 pages


    Articles on various skills for the exam

  • page 764 pages


    Articles on TOEFL iBT and General English

  • page 802 pages

    PTE Test

    About the test and hoe to get prepared

  • page 826 pages

    Domestic Exams

    TOLIMO and Konkur (Entrance exams)

❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞
‒Nelson Mandela

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